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Jarno Luoma-Nirva   SW Specialist

Email jln@iki.fi
Phone +358 40 584 8782
Home page https://www.jln.fi
Specialties C++/Qt, Python/Django, TDD
Other skills AWS, JavaScript, Jenkins, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Profiles GitHub: jarnoln LinkedIn: jarnoln

Work experience

  • 2017-09 / 2020-01 (2 years, 4 months) SW Specialist at Vaisto Solutions
    • Python/Django development. Test automation.
  • 2005-03 / 2017-09 (12 years, 6 months) SW Specialist at Symbio
    • C++/Qt programming for Windows, Linux and embedded platforms. Web services with Python/Django/JavaScript. Worked for projects in Czech, Sweden, Taiwan and U.S.
  • 2000-11 / 2004-02 (3 years, 3 months) Engineer Trainee at Instrumentointi Ltd
    • Department: Insta Defence, Simulation Systems. Developing military training simulator systems. C++ programming and object-oriented design.
  • 1999-02 / 2000-03 (1 year, 1 month) Research Assistant at Digital Media Institute
    • Developing software-based MPEG-2 decoder for Pentium III processor. Optimization and processor-specific programming in C++.


Other experience

  • 2019 Candidate in Parliament Elections
  • 2003 / 2010 Member of the Board in Finnish Liberal Party
  • 2004 Candidate in European Parliament Elections

Hobby projects

  • 2017 CVDB
    • Technologies: Python, Django, BDD, CI, REST, Ansible
    • CV/Resume database made with Django. Open source, available in Github.
  • 2016 Mitasny
    • Technologies: Python, Django, Javascript, TDD, CI
    • Simple task/project manager made with Django using TDD. Open source, available in Github.
  • 2015 Plokkeri
    • Technologies: Python, Django, TDD, CI
    • Simple blogging platform. Open source, available in Github.
  • 2012 Tyranny of Majority
    • Technologies: Python, Django, MySQL, HTML5, Javascript
    • Web based collective decision-making tool for polling, voting and elections. Made with Python/Django, also used several other tools such as git, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript etc.

Work projects

  • 2018-08 / 2018-12 (4 months) Dockyard simulator
    • Technologies: Python, Django, Vue.js
    • Industry: Shipping
    • Web UI for creating scenarios for dockyard simulator. Django-backend and Vue.js frontend.
  • 2017-12 / 2018-06 (6 months) Microservice testing and status monitoring system
    • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, Microservice, AWS, Terraform
    • Industry: Energy
    • Scripts for testing microservice APIs regularly to make sure they are up and providing sensible answers and a web service where the results can be sent via REST API and which displays the status of all microservices, sends alarms to developers whenever a service fails, provides high-level overview of the system, trend graphs, service-specific uptimes and other historical statistics for managers as well as detailed information and logs of the failures for developers. Microservices and test result web service deployed to AWS by Terraform
  • 2017-09 / 2017-12 (3 months) Generic test automation framework
    • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, REST
    • General purpose test automation framework that can be utilized in test automation projects.
  • 2017-03 / 2017-12 (9 months) Process status monitor
    • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, REST
    • Industry: Automotive
    • Process status monitor web application on-site in Czech for automotive client in using Django. Remote processes can send their progress information to central server via REST API, can access external PostgreSQL database for status information.
  • 2015-09 / 2017-02 (1 year, 5 months) Mobile device test automation service
    • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, REST, D3.js, Nginx, PostgreSQL
    • Industry: Telecom
    • High-level test automation development for mobile devices with different hardware/firmware versions. Created test result database for storing test results and generating test reports for both managers and developers. Test results imported via REST API and stored in PostgreSQL DB. Web service is run by Django on Linux Nginx server and graphs drawn with D3.js. Also maintained daily test runs on Jenkins and supporting Robot Aided Test Automation using robot by Optofidelity.
  • 2014-12 / 2015-06 (6 months) 3rd party application test automation
    • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, Apache, REST
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Test automation system for testing incoming applications for Windows Phone. Test result server for storing and displaying test results and generating test reports, summaries and graphs. Provides REST API access for external applications. Using test driven development with automated unit tests, functional tests and server deployment.
  • 2014-07 / 2014-12 (5 months) Vehicle status display
    • Technologies: C++, Qt, QML
    • Industry: Defence
    • Improvements for Qt-based vehicle status display UI, including navigation, consumables displays and fault indicators.
  • 2014-02 / 2014-07 (5 months) Test automation for store intake processing
    • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, Apache, REST, Selenium
    • Industry: Telecom
    • App store intake test automation. Developing test result server for storing and displaying test results and generating test reports, summaries and graphs. Provides REST API access for external applications. Using test driven development with automated unit tests, functional tests and server deployment.
  • 2013-10 / 2013-12 (2 months) Camera middleware
    • Technologies: C, Android
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Camera middleware development for Android device in C at customer premises in San Jose.
  • 2012-01 / 2012-08 (7 months) Android porting
    • Technologies: C, Android, Jenkins
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Porting Android for Freescale MX53 ARM platform at client premises in Taipei. Setting up a central code repository using Gitolite and and automated daily build system for different Android version/HW combinations using Jenkins.
  • 2010-11 / 2011-05 (6 months) MeeGo telephony component integration
    • Technologies: C, Android
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Software development services regarding the implementation of multimedia components of MeeGo operating system for smart phone platform. Development of Openmax components on camera sensors and development and integration of telephony components for phone call. Telephony testing in different GSM/WCDMA cells including handovers.
  • 2009-11 / 2010-10 (11 months) Embedded Linux weather display
    • Technologies: C++, Qt
    • Industry: Meteorology
    • Customizable weather display application for a small ARM9 embedded Linux platform with touch screen interface. Responsible for design and implementation of the application software and user interface.
  • 2009-05 / 2009-11 (6 months) Diagnostics tool
    • Technologies: C++, Qt
    • Industry: Meteorology/Aviation
    • Qt-based system diagnostics tool for checking airport weather measurement system to help find faulty sensors and connections.
  • 2008-09 / 2009-02 (5 months) Media player prototype for Maemo
    • Technologies: C++, Qt
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Prototyping a new Qt-based media player for Maemo. Also created a new text input widget.
  • 2006-05 / 2008-08 (2 years, 3 months) Airport weather display system UI
    • Technologies: C++, Qt
    • Industry: Meteorology/Aviation
    • Reimplementing airport weather display system to use cross-platform Qt-library instead of Windows-specific MFC to support both Windows and Linux hosts. Design relied heavily on custom-made widgets, so that non-programmers could use the Qt Designer to customize UI for different airports without touching source code. Fairly large system consisting of several applications and services, each reimplemented in a separate, consecutive project.
  • 2006-01 / 2006-05 (4 months) Linux mobile platform prototype
    • Technologies: C++, Qt
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Reference implementation of Linux mobile phone on Texas Instruments OMAP 2420 platform using MontaVista's Linux and Trolltech's Qtopia framework. Implementation was presented at 3GSM in Barcelona on February 2006.
  • 2005-03 / 2005-12 (9 months) PC suite for mobile phone
    • Technologies: C++
    • Industry: Telecom
    • Creating a PC tool suite for a new upcoming mobile phone with firmware upgrade, operator configuration and SIM-lock features.